Stylish Leather Cases for iPhone XR

Just got the new iPhone XR phone? Take a look at these iPhone XR leather cases to protect your phone or add a little more storage space to it.

iPhone XR Symphony Curve Design Red Lines Leather Back Case.jpg


Symphony Curve Design Leather Back Case for iPhone XR

Unique stitch design inspired by symphony curves. Has a TPU case shell that is easy to hold. Built-in lanyard hole for people who wanna to add a strap. More info here.




iPhone XR Classic Leather Wallet Brown Case.jpg


Classic Leather Wallet Case for iPhone XR

Basic wallet design with card slots. Great choice for people who like classic leather design. Get one from Qialino website.





iPhone XR Crocodile Pattern Rose Red Leather Wallet Case.jpg


Crocodile Pattern Rose Red Leather Wallet Case for iPhone XR

Stylish and feminie design that will attract attention. Also has some card slots and money pocket so you can store stuff.  More info here.




iPhone XR Diamond Python Skin Back Case (2).jpg


Diamond Python Skin Back Case for iPhone XR

Maybe something more exotic would fit your needs? This case is made using Indonesian diamond python skin that is truly unique on each case. Order one from website.


Stylish Leather Bags For Tech Devices

Are you looking for stylish leather bags that is designed for smartphone, tablet, mp3 players or notebooks? Check these 2 handmade bags out.

Crossbody Sling Shoulder Bag for Men

Mens-Leather-Crossbody-Sling-Shoulder-One-Strap-Bag-11[1]Crossbody sling bags are less bulky as normal backpacks. This one can fit your iPad Mini, iPhone and still have room for other stuff. It adds more security to your carrying bag because it’s close to your body. It’s compact, functional yet fashionable.





Men’s Leather 13-inch Laptop Carrying Bag

Tired of carrying your laptop around with your hand? Get a laptop carrying bag to handle all that as well as other accessories. This bag also has a shoulder strap so you can be hands free when you need to.

Can’t Find a Case For Your Smartphone?

Based on an August 2015 report by OpenSignal, there are more than 1294 brands and 24093 different Android devices. This is a very crowded market with endless variations of new models coming out every year. The display screen has also increased tremendously with the introduction of 7-inch phablets (phone+tablet).

There are endless phone case choices for the top brands (eg. Apple’s iPhones, Huawei ) and models but when it comes to less popular ones, their choices become very limited. This is why universal phone cases are made to fill this gap in the market. Below are a few examples of universal phone cases that will fit 6-inch and smaller display.

Universal Phone Pouch


Pouches are very simple design cases. They do not have back covers, its just a means for protecting your phone. When you need to use your phone, simply remove it from the pouch. Good thing about pouches, they don’t add bulk to your phone, nothing is attached to it. More info here.

Universal Wallet Phone Case


Wallet cases are very popular choice because it has some wallet features in it. You can add cards and money to it so it can come in handy if you want to get rid of your wallet and go very light. More info here.

Universal Clutch Wallet Phone Case


For something much more functional and more compartments, this is a great choice. Ample card slots for all your cards, zip lock your phone inside and also snap fasteners to keep your case closed tightly. Downside is it’s bulkier but since you can get rid of a wallet, this is great for everyday use. More info here.

Universal Phone Purse


Finally, we look at this phone purse. It is  really cross between a phone pouch and a purse. Outside is where you slide your phone in/out easily and a snap fastener to keep it from coming loose. Inside is just like a purse with compartments for cards and lots of space for money. Inner zip pocket adds more space for other stuff. Zip lock it and everything stays inside. More info here.

Looking for iPhone 7 / 7 Plus Leather Cases? We got you covered.

With the imminent launch of iPhone 7, you might be looking for a phone case to keep it protected. So here’s 2 new leathers that you might be interested if you’re an iPhone 7 user.

Classic Pattern Leather Wallet Case for iPhone 7 /7 Plus

Made with genuine cow leather, this case adds that classic leather look and feel to your phone. It’s durable and comfortable to hold. More product details here .



Rose Red Crocodile Pattern Leather for iPhone 7 /7 plus 

If you’re looking for something more feminine and fashionable, this case has it. Its crocodile pattern makes it attractive and a great match for other fashion accessories.To check the specs, go here .



Apple Products To Look Forward To In 2016

(iPhone 7 concept image by Yasser Farahi from )

After the recent releases of Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, we will be seeing a few more smart phone models later in this year. iPhone 7 will most definitely be a highly anticipated smartphone release from Apple. It will probably have significant upgrades and also slimmer. Of course, […]

Source: Apple Products To Look Forward To In 2016 – Qialino

Looking for a leather Huawei Mate 8 case?

Huawei Mate 8 is a great phone with tonnes of features. With such a price tag, you should look into protecting it better against unwanted scratches and damages. Consider getting a leather case. Below are 2 leather cases for Huawei Mate 8. Made with real leather, it’s comfortable to hold and look elegant.

1. Huawei Mate 8 Lizard & Grid Pattern Magnetic Leather Case


This case comes in 2 designs, grid and lizard pattern. Great for business people who want to look more professional in their working environment. More info at

2. Huawei Mate 8 Classic Pattern Magnetic Leather Flip Case


This classic pattern leather case for Huawei Mate 8 is suitable for any occasions. Looks great and functional.