Apple Is Gonna be Everywhere in the Future

Did you know Apple is going to make their own smart car soon? It’s called iCar and it’s going to be a Tesla rival. Part of the reason is they have tonnes of cash and need somewhere new to invest. But really, they are trying to integrate their products into our lives as much as possible. Maybe we could use Apple Watch to start the car instead of car keys in the future…



Jeffrey's blog

How long will it take before Apple Inc takes over everything? 10, 20 maybe 50 years? Apple has already provided the world with computers, phones, tablets and there’s much more to the list; what’s really weird about it is the fact that most people prefer to have Apple products as opposed to other products just because. There will definitely be a point in time where there’s an Apple product for everything which will probably mean global domination for them (or close). It also means that the team iPhone/android argument will become global, with most people obviously screaming ‘team Apple!’

God Damnit.

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